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Our Princess Bride package is there for couples who may want to edit their own wedding video. 

We will capture the entire day from the arrival of your guests and the Bridal Party for the
Wedding Ceremony, right through to the First Dance.

We will then create a beautiful short highlights video of the day,
perfect for sharing on Facebook and YouTube. All the RAW footage will then be provided
to you on a Hard Drive that you supply.

We will remain with you up until the First Dance or 9pm whichever comes sooner.
Should the day overrun, we charge an additional £50 per hour after 9pm. 

Please Note: This package is designed to be edited.
Whilst watching the unedited footage from individual cameras, the image may move
 zoom in and out and have focus adjustments. All this is deleted in the editing process
and replaced with images from the other camera (and visa-versa). Sound from the
radio mics is recorded separately and will need to be synced. All footage is recorded in .mov files.

The Princess Bride

Price: £700.00

Wedding Video Package

Option 1



One Camera Operator

Unedited RAW Footage

+ Short Web Highlights Video

 ideal for sharing on Facebook and You Tube