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Wedding Videography Packages

We offer 3 Wedding Videography packages.

The Princess Bride
The Casablanca
& The Ben Hur.

All packages provide One Videographer to your event, but should you wish you can also

hire an additional camera operator. I would definitely recommend this should your wedding have over 150 guests,

should your budget allow, as this will enable us to capture more of the days events. With 2 professional wedding

videographers we can also be more creative, using glidetracks, steadycams and even drone

shots where possible. All this will enable us to create that beautiful cinematic wedding video experience.

We also provide some additional extras to our packages should you wish to capture different elements of

the day. To view these options please select our Add On's from the drop bar above.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.